Techno Sun - Groundbreaking Software Solutions for Real Estate Developers

Save millions of dollars with fast, thorough and accurate financial analyses of apartments, condos, townhouses, single-family homes, mixed-use properties, and more.


Every real estate project, every set of market conditions, is unique. Our programs boast an array of tools and features that make it easy to customize your software to existing conditions and the way you do business. TechnoSun state-of-the art applications include:

Apartment Developer™

Here at last is a dedicated financial package for analyzing the profitability of proposed and existing for-rent projects—quickly, accurately and thoroughly. Within minutes you can input and manipulate a wide range of variables and data—including rental rates, floor plans, move-in dates, rent concession, and more—and measure their immediate impact on your bottom line. Apartment Developer is easy, intuitive and fully customizable.

Rent Market Study™

Calculating the right rental rates can be critical to a project's success. Rent Market Study removes the guesswork. Enter variables such as region, location, rent history, amenities, square footage, etc...and get immediate, accurate results, numerically or graphically displayed.

Condo Developer™

Here is a complete and automated solution for developing for-sale properties of any type, including condos, townhouses, single-family homes, and more. With Condo Developer you can make financial projections, track costs and revenues, measure cash flow and profitability—from initial proposal to project completion.

Condo Converter™

This comprehensive automated program gives you all the financial tools you need to convert existing apartment projects into condominiums. It's especially valuable in handling complicated financial situations during construction, where there's an ever-changing mix of rental revenues and sales.

Sale Market Study™

Sale Market Study calculates sales prices based on a variety of criteria, including region, amenities, square footage, and other factors. Define various regions in the US and run market studies to measure price, amenity, location, and size sensitivities. You can also create graphs of price histories based on different criteria.