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Save millions of dollars with fast, thorough and accurate financial analyses of apartments, condos, townhouses, single-family homes, mixed-use properties, and more.


Chris Mozayeny, Founder and CEO

The chief architect of TechnoSun software, and a successful real estate developer for over 25 years, Chris Mozayeny is a nationally recognized expert in profitability analyses. He is a top prize-winning graduate of MIT with Bachelor and Master of Science degrees in Civil Engineering and Construction Management. As part of his Thesis, he has done years of research at MIT and Harvard Business School on risk assessment of real estate projects.

This strategic mix of education, research and experience has given him the insights and skills to mastermind a suite of software products unrivaled in the industry.

Chris and his professional staff are looking forward to introducing you to this revolutionary series of financial software applications for real estate development.

The TechnoSun Team

TechnoSun software was created by real estate developers who understand the special risks, uncertainties and financial challenges you face. Our software engineers visited hundreds of development firms across America and talked with their CFO's to create superior applications that would automate the intricate financial aspects of your business.

Our customer service team will demonstrate how our development solutions can help you maximize profits and save time with fast and accurate financial projections. Contact us for a free demo.

When you purchase TechnoSun software, you'll receive excellent ongoing service and support to ensure you benefit from all the unique advantages our solutions have to offer.